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Yamaha Banshee Engine Drag Motor Never Installed For Sale
Yamaha Banshee Engine Drag Motor Never Installed

Yamaha Banshee Engine Drag Motor Never Installed

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Yamaha Banshee Drag Engine. This engine was built from 95% Brand new parts. The only parts not brand new are the Transmission ,kickstart shaft,flywheel, and the cases which were all in new condition. The engine was built and never installed. The engine has been pressure tested and is ready to install. We also have New CPI inframe pipes, Dyna FS ignition, and Keihin 39mm PWK carbs available for seperate purchase that will work perfectly with this set up. The engine includes the following brand new parts.10 mil stroker long rod crankshaft
10 mil full drag ported Cheetah Cub cylinder
Wiseco Blaster piston set
Billet Mod Quad head with race gas domes
Billet Mod Quad right side case with billet lock up clutch
Billet Water pump impeller
Billet Mod Quad left side stator case
Billet Crossover Intake manifold
V-Force 4 reed cages
High Output stator
1000cc drag clutch plates
TDR No weld clutch ball and pancake bearing
TDR easy shift kit
The remainder of the engine parts are brand new including the entire clutch,water pump, etc. were replaced with OEM Yamaha parts. Every nut, bolt and clip are brand new. Below is the list of parts not replaced as brand new.Cases (these were in new condition) they were acid washed and painted with aircraft quality paint.
Kick start shaft (in new condition)
Flywheel (OEM in perfect condition)
Transmission (Perfect condition that was just modified to a neutral down 1-5 full override drag setup)

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