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Saab 900 9000 9-3 Stage 1 ECU upgrade Trionic 5 T5 Horsepower Performance Turbo For Sale
Saab 900 9000 9-3 Stage 1 ECU upgrade Trionic 5 T5 Horsepower Performance Turbo

Saab 900 9000 9-3 Stage 1 ECU upgrade Trionic 5 T5 Horsepower Performance Turbo

This for sale has been viewed times.

You're offerding on a Stage 1 upgrade for your Saab Original Generation 9-3 (with Trionic 5), Saab 9000, or New Generation 900 (NG900). Please checkcompatibility in this sale as I've uploaded all of the spec cars this item covers.Stage 1 will allow you to unlock 20-45 horsepower depending onthe configuration of your car, without the need for additional hardware modifications. I personally use these in my '96 900 SE and '95 9000 CSE
Please note that I only provide Stage 1 upgrades through this service as hardwaremodifications and customizations often require specialized tunes to beeffective and usable. If you want a greater tune see the frequently asked questions below and I may beable to help you out. I've got the tools to reliably tune your car giving you better performance and a slight MPG increase.
BY REQUEST ONLY: I've gotten several questions regarding this:In addition to performance tuning I'm also able to modify Trionic 5 ECUs so that Trionic 7 BPC valves can be used. This allows you to use the far cheaper and more responsive valves from a 9-3 or 9-5 in your 900 or 9000. I can do the hardware and software ECU modifications but you would need to change the valve and wiring. This service runs an additional $65.00. If you'd like a used/known good T7 valve I'll add one for an additional $35.00, and if you'd like a factory harness to splice in add an additional $15.00This service is by request only. I will need to create a special invoice to add this service before paying.
What to expect from a Stage 1 tune:LPT Cars: ~35-40 horsepowerHOT Cars: ~30-35 horsepowerAero Cars: ~20-25 horsepower
In order toaccommodate programming and sending you a unit I'll need a few things:The Vehicle Identification of your car (VIN number)Trim level (CS, CSE, SE, etc.)Any hardware modifications you have made to the vehicle, if any.
Frequently asked questions:Can I do this myself:Yes you can. This is a simple hardware swap. You remove your old unit, plug in the new one, and have fun driving. If you need help getting the old one out, or identifying the necessary numbers and codes for me to do the work let me know and I'll guide you through it.Do I need to send you my existing unit?No you do not. This service provides you with a replacement, preprogrammed unit. You will just need to install it, and have a fun drive. If you wish to sell your old one back to me just let meknow and we'll work something out. (I pay $20.00 for stock units, and will provide a prepaid shippinglabel ifyou chose this option)So what is a Stage 1 tune you ask?This is a softwareupgrade for your car which unlocks hidden potential. You will get an increase in horsepower, and torqueIs it safe?Yes, I carefully map out fuel injection, air intake, ignition advance, turbocharger pressures, and other key variables to deliver an optimal power curve for your specific car. Rather than having afactory tune, that does the job but is not optimized to match air and fuel, I get the most out of the fuel mix at all times.Do you run these yourself?Yes I do. In fact everyone in my family drives Saabs. Teenage daughter, wife, myself, plus a couple extra cars. The very first thing I do anytime I buy a Saab is tune it to Stage 1. Cars I drive myself usually go on to Stage 2 or 3.Can you do an E85 tune?Yes I can! Just send me a message and we can talk through what you're looking for.Can you do a Stage 2 or Stage 3 tune for me?Probably. Contact me as we'll need to discuss required or already performed hardware modifications in orderto get the tune correct. There is an additional fee for higher level tunes but I can create a custom sale listing for you to purchase after we agree to the type and complexity of work.Will you flash or tune my ECU with a binary file someone else created?Sure I will. I'll also send verification that the provided code and the code on the ECU match. I will not guaranteesomeone else's work however.I tried to tune my ECU myself and something failed. Now it won't work... Can you fix it?Most likely I can. This requires opening up the unit, soldering in some pins to getdirect access to the core microprocessor and thenforcing it to take software. Round trip fix, restore softwareand return your unit to you is $85.00. If you wish to provide me your own binary files I can apply them at the same time.

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