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Pontiac cylinder head plugs and heater hose fitting nipple 65-81 For Sale
Pontiac cylinder head plugs and heater hose fitting nipple 65-81

Pontiac cylinder head plugs and heater hose fitting nipple 65-81

This for sale has been viewed times.

1965-81 Pontiac, GTO, Lemans, Tempest,Firebird Grand Prix Bonneville 2 +2 Trans Am

326 389 400 421 428 455 from 65-81 - not correct but works for 301

CNC machined STAINLESS STEEL Heater Hose Head Fitting on back of head and 5 freeze plugs

6 piece kit - for all iron Pontiac heads D-port and Round port - 1 stop purchase

including Ram Air IV 455HO Tripower Ram Air III - all heads

The fitting that gets pressed into the back of the passenger side head for the heater to work. The short heater hose connects to it. These are usually destroyed or rusted. The freeze plugs should always be replaced as well. The 4 larger plugs are for the end of the heads, while the small plug is for drivers side head opposite of heater hose nipple.

The heater hose nipple or fitting is CNC MACHINED OF STAINLESS STEEL and made exactly the same as the original early models with brass spiral heat expansion for better engine warm up. The plastic or rubber insert ones came out later by Pontiac as a cheaper replacement and do not last as long as the unit I sell here. The brass spiral insert restricts flow at high rpm and it gives full pressure at low rpm to keep constant heat and pressure. Also installs easier then the cheaper version

These are the parts I use in my high end Pontiac engine builds! time tested

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