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Nitrous Oxide EFI Motorcycle Kit 2.5LB Bottle drag bike nitrous kit zx-14 NOS For Sale
Nitrous Oxide EFI Motorcycle Kit 2.5LB Bottle drag bike nitrous kit zx-14 NOS

Nitrous Oxide EFI Motorcycle Kit 2.5LB Bottle drag bike nitrous kit zx-14 NOS

This for sale has been viewed times.

This sale is for one new DynoTune
Dry Nitrous system for EFI motorcycles.

This DynoTune dry kit will add up to an additional 40HP to your Ride. The kit Comes with everything you need for a complete installation. This Dry kit uses your bikes EFI sensors to add the additional fuel needed to make the Power! By passing the cool nitrous charge past the Air Temperature sensor in the intake track, we can fool the bikes EFI system into adding the little extra fuel you need to make some serious power! Note: Consult your factory manual to make sure you have a "Air Temperature" sensor in your intake (most EFI bike do). Comes with three jet settings of 15HP, 30HP, and 40HP(up to 80hp with diffrent jets and tuning).

This kit Comes witha black2.5LB bottleand stainless brackets. Comes complete with instructions on how to use your Horn or starter button for nitrous activation making it a clean installation.
The Twin inlet system allows the user to configure the inlet any way they want. Single or dual snorkel intakes, its all in the kit!

The Kit contains the following:

  • 2.5LB Gloss black Nitrous Bottle with high flow valve

  • Stainless bottle brackets (qty 2)with mounting hardware

  • 4AN braided stainless hose4 feet long (connects bottle to solenoid) for swingarm mounting

  • High Flow 175HP DynoTune nitrous Oxide solenoid

  • Solenoid mounting bracket with hardware

  • Twin mounting nozzles with mounts for dual snorkel intakes

  • High Pressure/Temperture Teflon Tubing (connects solenoid to nozzles)

  • "T" fitting and compression fittings

  • 3 nitrous jets (NOS style) 15-30-40HP

  • Complete electrical kit with switches, wire, connectors and a complete manual showing how wire your horn or starter button as the activation switch.

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