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Mercedes 5.5 63 AMG BITURBO BI TURBO ECU Performance CUSTOM FULL Tune UpGrAdE For Sale
Mercedes 5.5 63 AMG BITURBO BI TURBO ECU Performance CUSTOM FULL Tune UpGrAdE

Mercedes 5.5 63 AMG BITURBO BI TURBO ECU Performance CUSTOM FULL Tune UpGrAdE

This for sale has been viewed times.

This listing is for the 2012-2018 Mercedes-Benz 63 AMG models performace FULL upgrade!

Stock power 518HP & 516LB-FT

Power upgrade to 665HP & 730LB-FT

+147HP & +214LB-FT from Stock!!!

The M157 bi-turbo V8 is a monster after a PRESSERtech upgrade! You are looking at incredible gains through all loads. Every driving mode is improved and optimized to reach maximum efficency and power! The power comes in sooner, the lag becomes almost non-existent, and your car will burn less fuel! We are making your car run better!

If you are worried about voiding your warranty we have a solution for you too! We can offer our additional ECU package. That way you can leave your stock ecu...STOCK!
Please send us a message or give us a call!

At PRESSERtech, we have spent thousands of combined hours in development on these V8 bi-turbo engines! You will NOT find a better upgrade and customer service than you will receive at PRESSERtech!

This ECU requires experienced tuners to open, be careful of who you trust! We have fabricated our very own tools to open these computers with the highest level of precision and quality. When you receive your ECU back you will never notice it has been opened.

At PRESSERtech, we only use the BEST equipment and tools, so you can rest assured your beloved Mercedes-Benz is receiving the BEST from us!

We gurantee our work for the lifetime of your vehicle! If for any reason your car gets an update and your upgrade is deleted, we will re-program at NO Additional CHARGE!

We are Mercedes-Benz specialists that have dedicated our careers to this brand!

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