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MUGEN CHIP OBD1 ECU P28 P72 P08 P30 PRELUDE H22A Accord EURO R shiftlight BB5 BB For Sale
MUGEN CHIP OBD1 ECU P28 P72 P08 P30 PRELUDE H22A Accord EURO R shiftlight BB5 BB

MUGEN CHIP OBD1 ECU P28 P72 P08 P30 PRELUDE H22A Accord EURO R shiftlight BB5 BB

This for sale has been viewed times.

This sale is for swapped Prelude H22A VTEC, Prelude H23 VTEC Euro R, ACCORD H22A EURO R Motor in to 1992 to 2000 Civic, Del sol, Integra, Prelude, Accord Using obd1ChippedVTEC ECU P28, P72, P08 & P30.

1996 to 2000 Civic, Integra, Prelude, Accord needs the step down harness to use this OBD 1 ECU such as P28 P72, P08, & P30

This is the MUGEN POWER Chip for OBD1 ECU Such as P28, P72, JDM P08 & P30

This isthe MUGEN chip isforPrelude H22A VTEC, ACCORD H22A EURO R motor, This MUGEN Chip modifies the timing curve to increase horsepower throughout the power band and the RPM. Depending on your engine Setup and Tuning, expect 10-25 horsepower just from this chip.

Chip Info

VTEC Enable: 4600 RPM

REV Limit: 8300 rpm

Idle: 850 rpm

Shift Light :----- ( if you want the shift light. Must let me know which RPM you want it set at)

Knock Sensor: DISABLED---- only for the P28 ECU, if you want it enable must let me know
O2 Sensor: DISABLED ----If you want the O2 enable let me know as well
Speed Limiter: DISABLED

BONUS: LAUNCH CONTROL (OPTIONAL ) If you want the launch control please do leave a note when you buy the Chip.

ill Email you the picture and Tracking # of the item once it's shipped

USA Shipping through USPS First Class, 3 to 6 Business days (With Tracking #)

International shipping Through USPS First class, 7 to 15 business days (with Tracking #)

Canadian shipping through Canada post, 3 to 6 Business day

i would recommend the ECU modification is done by a professional. I can't warranty chips damaged by static electricity,or improper installation.

I also modify ECU, If you would like to send me your ECU for modification, please email me for details.

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