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Ford 360/390 FE Speed Pro Hypereutectic Flat Top Pistons+MOLY Rings Kit +.030" For Sale
Ford 360/390 FE Speed Pro Hypereutectic Flat Top Pistons+MOLY Rings Kit +.030

Ford 360/390 FE Speed Pro Hypereutectic Flat Top Pistons+MOLY Rings Kit +.030"

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Set of8 Speed Pro Hypereutectic Pistons for Ford 360ci/390ci V-8 PLUS Moly Rings


About Speed Pro street series hypereutectic pistons:

Higher compression, longer life.
If you're looking for pistons with an unbeatable combination of performance and value, then Speed-Pro hypereutectic pistons are for you. These pistons are manufactured from FM244 aluminum alloy, which contains 16 percent silicon for greater strength and wear resistance. They're also molded in the latest permanent-mold technology to ensure the precise fit and tight bore clearances that today's top engine builders demand. They're ideal for use in high performance street, bracket racing, and oval track racing and will work perfectly with normal ring end gaps.

Federal Mogul/Speed Pro Piston Part
Power Range Special requirements

Compression information

Ring groove size

Pin diameter

Rod length


Piston MIN Clearance

H395P+30 plus moly ring set (Hastings/Perfect Circle/MAHLE) P/N H395P-KIT - We also have other piston sizes available.

Ford 360ci/390ci FE-series - 4.080" bore (at +.030")

Flat head w/4-valve reliefs

1966-70 Car (USA); with 4-barrel carb

1968-76 LD Trk 360ci (USA)

1974-76 MD Trk 360ci (USA)

idle to 6500+rpm Good for street or stripNote: this is considered a '360' piston. If used in a 390 make sure of compr. distance and all other specs

1.759" compression distance

5/64" 5/32" 3/16" ring grooves

.9751" pin diam. - pins included

for stock length connecting rods

Floating or press-fit

Stock stroke

.001" at 2.20" from top of head


We offer some of the quickest delivery times to most of the US on . We have locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee, and although we are required to collect sales tax on an order shipped within one of these states, these locations let us offer our customers quick, efficient service and delivery times.

We also have engine rebuild kits and valve train parts listed on . Feel free to contact our professional sales team toll-free (within USA & Canada) at 800.756.1114 or (outside USA & Canada) at 601.693.8282, EXT. 166 Monday-Friday 8am-6pm Eastern.

Thank you for looking at our listing and look forward to doing business!

All pistons include piston pinsNOTE: ALL SPEED PRO AND SILVOLITE CAST AND HYPEREUTECTIC, AND FORGED PISTONS ARE NOW MADE OFFSHORE. NOT IN THE UNITED STATES. WE ARE NOT HAPPY WITH THIS EITHER, BUT THEY ARE JUST ABOUT THE ONLY SHOW IN TOWN. THANK YOU, FALCON SALESPlease note that 'free shipping' was not free for us, but only to you. We pay to ship all parts to customers. Should you decide to return your purchase due to 'buyers remorse' we will refund your parts but subtract a restocking fee for the return, mostly recouping our original shipping costs. Any damage to box or parts will alter the amount of restock fee. In many cases we must buy new boxes from our suppliers.Thank you, the Falcon Team.

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