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Ford 301 cid Yates D3 Small Block 800 HP N/A Drage Race Engine For Sale
Ford 301 cid Yates D3 Small Block 800 HP N/A Drage Race Engine

Ford 301 cid Yates D3 Small Block 800 HP N/A Drage Race Engine

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Ford 301 cid Small Block 800 HP
High Revving Naturally Aspirated Yates D3 Headed Engine
Complete MINUS CARBS...yes I know they are in the pictures...sorry.
Fresh Engine. Dyno Time Only. New Reciprocating Assembly.
Competition Eliminator / Super Stock / Or ?????
Built by NHRA Competition Eliminator Record Holder and Winner Herb and Erich Bollman. Ford Probe D/A 7.60's at 177 @ 2300 lbs
Will crate up and prepare to ship worldwide. Buyer must pay for shipping, taxes and all duties or fee's. The shipping quote listed here on isn't correct. We will make a proper shipping quote before payment.
Ford Yates D3 Alum Cylinder Heads with Titanium Valves Ported by Comp and SS wiz Tom Slawko at Slawko Racing Heads in PA. These heads started out as blob heads and made for this engine. They are NOT huge NASCAR take off's.
Jesel Rocker Arms and Jesel Drop in Lifters with large 7/16" pushrods
HRE Dave Hughes Sheetmetal Intake (No Carbs)
Ford SVO 8.2 Deck Block (there are a couple sleeves)
New Billet Winberg Crank
New Carrillio Steel Rods
New CP Pistons with Spare
New Titanium Pins
Steph's Sectioned Oil pan and Tank
Auto Verdi Dry Sump Pump
Danny Bee Cam Belt Drive
Jesel Belt Drive Distributor
Custom Sheetmetal Valve Covers
Call during the weekdays Erich Bollman 1.800.248.9522
I would POSSIBLY consider a partial trade for a 1960's Mustang or Camaro. Original Cars Only and not modded or race cars.
Check out an in car video:

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