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Drag Race 94 Chevy Camaro Roller/NO MOTOR For Sale
Drag Race 94 Chevy Camaro Roller/NO MOTOR

Drag Race 94 Chevy Camaro Roller/NO MOTOR

This for sale has been viewed times.

I’m selling a 94 Chevy Camaro that has been primarily a drag car for the last 8 years. I have owned the car since around 2000. I have lost interest in drag racing, and am looking to get more of a street car. The last 8 years it has had a fuel injected nitrous small block with a power glide. The car has run in the bottom 8’s in the ¼ mile, with a best 60ft of 1.21, on a single stage of nitrous, and 275 radials. With the right motor combo, this car/chassis will easily go into the 7sec range. The car weighed 3100lbs with me, and 2 full nitrous bottles. The SBC setup I had was relatively heavy, and the car was as light as 2800 with driver back when it still had a LT1 motor. The paint on the hood and front bumper are a few years old and in good shape. The pain the rest of the car is original, but in average condition for the age of the car. When washed and waxed the paint looks good but it’s defiantly not perfect. 

The suspension on this car works really well. I have only made 20-30 passes with the car in its current state, and I’m not even sure it has spun the tires. I kept putting more power to it, and the 60ft kept dropping. 

This car would be perfect for grudge, or bracket racing. Its light weight, has top of the line parts, and is ready for a motor and trans to drop in.

The car has a clean Chassis Fabricated 9in with a Strange Ultra aluminum center

-4.11 gear, spool, 40 spline drilled star flanged axles. You won’t find a better rear end setup for these cars

-3.5 in chromoly drive shaft 

-Midwest Chassis torque arm designed for their 9in setup. This is the long version for high HP cars with integrated power glide cross member. 

-Midwest Chassis race rear sway bar. The car goes perfectly straight down the track

- AFCO coil overs on all 4 corners that were valved and spring rate setup custom for this style car. 

-BMR lower control arms in the back

-Spohn upper and lower control arms up front with adjustable suspension travel limiters

-Burkhart Chassis panhard bar

-Burkhart Chassis parachute setup 

-Burkhart Chassis did the front and mid motor plate setup for a SBC

-PA k member with no motor mounts

- Midwest Chassis 8 point chromoly roll bar 

-Lightweight steering column

-Stock steering rack, it works fine so I never changed it.

-Aerospace drag brakes front and back


-The front end radiator area has been lightened quite a bit with a radiator that stands straight up and down.

-Bogart RT wheels front and back, with light weight bead lock conversion on the outside of rear wheels.

-Speed Glass front and rear windows. The back window is still in good shape. The front window has a few scratches, and was notched for a carb at one point. I placed a piece of aluminum over the notch. The front window is still clear, and in good shape just not perfect. 

-Sunoco full length cowl pin on hood, with Racecraft mounting rails. The full length hood covers the notch in the windshield

-The cowl/heater box area under the hood has been lightened 


-The interior of the car/ wiring have all been removed, and only the necessity put back in. 

-The car is currently wired for Holley EFI, head lights, tail lights, and that’s about it

-Carbon fiber door panels

-Fiber glass dash mounted with Dzus fasteners. Only one hole in it for the steering column

-2 Corbeau race seats mounted on adjustable sliders, and Corbeau seat belts

-Custom/molded black carpet that is in very good shape

-PPP power glide air shifter, and CO2 bottle


-Burkhart Chassis brake master cylinder

-16v full size light weight battery in the trunk area

-3 gal fuel sell in the trunk area

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