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BBC 598ci BES Drag motor For Sale
BBC 598ci BES Drag motor

BBC 598ci BES Drag motor

This for sale has been viewed times.

BES 598 ci BBCThis is a BES Drag Boat Engine that make 1471 HP and 1259 ft lbs of torque on a single stage of NOS ( I have the dyno run sheet with all of the numbers)History of this engine: Originally built 2006-2007, it was run as a boat drags. It was refreshed in 2008 and 2009, both by BES. After second refresh it was run 3 times with no issues. Owner pasted away and the boat sat for a number of years before being sold to me. I have first hand know of the previous owner and this engine. It ran great and still does.The engine has been inspected (since it has sat for some time) and starts right up. It is still sitting in the boat, which I have for sale as well.The engine will remain in the boat until either the motor is sold or the boat is sold, whichever comes first. If you would like me to take a video of the engine running and add it to this web site ( I think this is an option) I can or I can send it directly to you. Or you can hear it run in the boat if it's hasn't sold at the time the engine is sold.
15:1 CompressionBest of everything in this engine
I have all the paperwork for this engine, both the 2008 and 2009 BES Racing Engines Build sheet, Invoice and dyno sheets. I also have the cam specs sheet.
If you would like to see them, I will either post to sale or email these directly to you. Please provide email address.
Items not included in this sale:CoilStarterAlternator (it currently uses a 16 volt battery and charging system which I will be keeping)Scoop (goes with the boat)boat motor mounts (they go with the boat)boat unique stuff (ie boat fittings, thermostat housing) stuff any car guy would not use to install in vehicle.
I have other items for sell if interested. Please inquire. (NOS stuff, ignitions...etc)
Ask many questions
All shipping cost are the buyers responsibility
I am honest and open. I will give you the truth about this engine and provide info so it can be vilified.
Shipping/handling will need to be determined (I listed as local pick up only, but could assist in shipping).All shipping costs and arrangements are the buyers responsibility.
Thanks you for looking.

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