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2 Truett and Osbourn Drag / Racing Rolling Chassie (w/ lots extra Racing Parts) For Sale
2 Truett and Osbourn Drag / Racing Rolling Chassie  (w/ lots extra Racing Parts)

2 Truett and Osbourn Drag / Racing Rolling Chassie (w/ lots extra Racing Parts)

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What I have here are TWOTruett and Osbourn Drag / Racing Bike " Rolling Chassie " Ialso have a lot of boxes of extra Drag / Racing motorcycle parts as well(to go with these two rolling chassis ). Some of the extra parts included are a Tom (from Town Chassie)Deltron cases and Axtellcylinder, one Big Block motor assembly (used street job), two new finless Axtell cylinders, one 15" Good Year (slick) tire, two 113" cylinder and piston, some Pringel equipment, a pair of high compression heads with valves and spring, a Jim Hydraulic Lifter and Zippers spring, Cams Air Shocks clutch, a Riviera clutch, billet rocker boxes, oil pump, Ignition system (small stuff), a set of 1999 complete heads Twin-Cam, a Pringel air shifter, pair of high compression cylinders and piston, cam covers, cam plate piston, two sets of wheelie bars, and a wide rear fender.I took a lot of photos of these two chassies (and all of the boxes of parts to go with). Unfortunately, E-Bay only allows you to place 12 photos on the ad.Therefore, if youare interested in seeing all of the photosjust let me know. You are also welcome to come and see these Drag / Racing bikes (and the additional parts)in person as well. I may also consider trading for other Harley Davidson bikes or parts (or Hot Rod stuff as well).If you have any questions, please EMAIL me or give me a call in the later evenings at (856) 629-5515 and ask for Nick. Thank you.

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