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1994 - 2001 GSR Integra DOHC Vtec Brand new Si B16a cylinder head PR3 For Sale
1994 - 2001 GSR  Integra DOHC Vtec Brand new Si B16a cylinder head PR3

1994 - 2001 GSR Integra DOHC Vtec Brand new Si B16a cylinder head PR3

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You are looking at a Brand new bare head ready for assembly, 1994 - 2001 94 95 96 97 98 99 2000 2001 acura Integra style DOHC cylinder head. This a BRAND NEW never installed or assembled CNC machined Vtec B16. This head has the valve seats and valve guides already installed. There has never been any porting of any kind. I realize this is a very good price for such a deal but I have several of these and am letting them go. Please make sure this is what you need. This has the B16 intake configuration. If you are not sure what you have please reference the gasket picture I have put in the listing. The gaskets are not included in this listing they are just there for reference. the Square coolant passage is the B16 cylinder head. IF you have the round coolant passage then you will need the 18c cylinder head.I do not need these any longer and would like to free up space in my warehouse. I am including free shipping to any location in the continental 48 states in the US. I will only add what FEDEX charges me for Alaska and Haiwai. Please look at my response. I have never had a negative and will not start now. I do what it takes to make my customers happy. I can offer overnight shipping but it can get expensive. Let me know and I will get you a price before you purchaseThank you for looking at my ad
I have had a few people ask if this will work on an 18 block. YES it will bolt onto a 18C block but you have to use the B16 intake. They are a different bolt pattern the b16 flows better than the 18 and will build more hp if you use the 16 intake and head on an 18 block.

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