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Hooker Headers Announces New Darkside Black Ceramic Coated Headers

Bowling Green, KY--BOWLING GREEN, KY – Hooker Headers is proud to announce their new “Darkside” black ceramic coating process available on select header applications.

This exclusive proprietary black ceramic coating offers the nostalgic look of the past as well as the aggressive look of a modern high-tech build. It also offers a more refined texture and appearance than is possible from painted finishes. With a satin sheen it has a unique look of its own and in addition to providing a more menacing look it also provides all the corrosion resistance of traditional silver ceramic.

The Darkside coating also provides improved thermal resistance as compared to traditional silver ceramic (1700 F vs. 1300 F) making it highly recommended for supercharged or nitrous applications as well as for reduced under-hood temperatures.

The Darkside coated Headers are available for popular GM, Ford and Chrysler muscle cars/passenger cars as well as some Chevy trucks (see second page or back for complete listing). And, because of different preparation and application techniques the new Darkside Headers are available at a slightly lower price than their silver ceramic counterparts.

For more information, contact Holley Tech Service, 1801 Russellville Road, Bowling Green, KY, 42101 - Telephone 270-781-9741. Or visit us on the web at: www.Holley.com.


ZEX™ Liquid Filled Nitrous Pressure Gauge Kits

When the little details mean winning or losing races, a higher quality nitrous pressure gauge is a must have

Serious racers know that optimum nitrous system performance is generated when bottle pressure is maintained between 900-1000psi. To monitor this accurately, ZEX™ has just released a liquid filled gauge option for our popular nitrous pressure gauge kits. The gauge offered in these kits is of superior quality, and the liquid filling helps protect the gauge’s precise internal components from severe vibration commonly found in race cars and serious street/strip type vehicles.

The ZEX™ liquid filled gauge kits are specifically designed to fit any manufacturer’s nitrous system. Two models are available, one for -4AN delivery lines and the other for the larger -6AN sized lines. The kits include the 0-1500psi range gauge and either a -4AN or -6AN in-line adapter.

For more information about the ZEX™ Liquid Filled Nitrous Pressure Gauge Kits or any other ZEX™ product, call us at 1-888-817-1008, or visit us online at www.zex.com.

Lunati® and “Big Daddy” Gutridge Ready To Set Records

Saying you’re going to break a world record in the Drag Radial Outlaw class with one of the smallest cubic inch engine and turbo combos might sound a bit pretentious. Especially in a class dominated by Big Block Chevy and Ford engine platforms. Well known Drag Radial racer Dwayne “Big Daddy” Gutridge of Big Daddy Performance has set a goal for the 2009 race season to do just that by making a 6 second pass on drag radials.

To accomplish this Dwayne will need to make some big horsepower numbers and needs bottom end components strong enough to consistently get him down the 1320. Knowing that not just any aftermarket company’s products are capable of this, Dwayne gave the guys at Lunati a call to help spec out a crankshaft that is up to this world record setting task.

“When Dwayne told us about his ambitious goal for the 2009 race season we knew if anyone was motivated enough to pull it off it would be him,” says Matt Sadler, Marketing Coordinator of Lunati. “After working with some of our in house technicians we have settled on one of our premium crankshafts from the Pro Series line up. These crankshafts have proven themselves time and time again in 2,000+ hp race applications without failure.”

Lunati’s crankshaft line is not just limited to all out race applications. A diverse range of crankshafts are available to meet the needs of engines ranging from street applications all the way to big horsepower race vehicles. Working with racers like Big Daddy helps Lunati to improve its entire line up of crankshafts by pushing each design to its limits. This knowledge can then be applied to the SledgeHammer series (street applications) and other Pro Series crankshafts to ensure they outperform the competition and customers receive the best product available.

To learn more about Lunati line of rotating assembly components go to www.LunatiPower.com or call us direct at (662) 892-1500. Our tech line is open Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST.

TCI® PRO-X GM TH400 Transmission

New PRO-X™ TH400 from TCI® provides the improved gear splits of a 3-speed design, 3000+ hp durability and a host of drag racing-specific features

The competitive world of drag racing is constantly changing. While the GM Powerglide remains a popular transmission choice due to its proven durability, its 2-speed configuration sometimes leaves something to be desired due to the rpm drop between gears. Recognizing this dilemma, the engineers at TCI® designed a TH400 transmission that is capable of handling the same elevated horsepower levels as the Powerglide but with the advantages of a 3-speed configuration. Beyond the built-in gearing advantages, TCI® also incorporated a “clean neutral” feature after high gear and a Pro Tree Trans-Brake that enables quicker and more consistent launches.

The new PRO-X™ TH400 utilizes premium component upgrades that reduce reciprocating weight while also providing bullet-proof durability that was once thought impossible in a TH400. Upgrade components include five friction clutches and five Kolene steels in the intermediate pack, a 7075-T6 billet aluminum rotating assembly, as well as a main shaft and input shaft made from a hybrid aerospace metal alloy. The GM TH400 pump comes with polymer dry film coated gears and a staked stator support shaft. These upgraded components reduce reciprocating weight by up to 16 lbs., and additional CNC-machining to the GM TH400 case allows the use of spiral locks to support components around the center area for increased strength and concentricity.

Another impressive feature of the PRO-X TH400 is the “Clean Neutral” Pro Tree Quick Release Valve Body, which provides the quickest reaction times available and promotes safety by enabling a shift into a second neutral after crossing the finish line. This unique transmission is truly the best 3-speed unit available for the 1500-3000+ hp applications, from Hot Street to Outlaw 10.5 classes. For more information about the TCI® PRO-X GM TH400 Transmission or any other TCI® product, call us at 1-888-776-9824, or visit us online at www.tciauto.com.

Quick Summary

Product: TCI® PRO-X GM TH400 Transmission

Part Number:  #212507PX1

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed to provide superior launching power, gear transitions & durability for 1500-3000+ hp, hardcore  drag racing applications
  • Features “Clean Neutral” shift directly after high gear
  • Proprietary design components reduce rotating weight & provide increased strength & concentricity
  • CNC-machined case allows spiral locks for added protection and strength around center support area
  • Pro Tree valve body ensures quick reaction times
  • Polymer dry film coated pump gears & a staked stator support shaft

Voodoo® Engine Break-In Lubricant

Over the past few decades motor oils have been reformulated to meet the specific needs of late model engines and the always tightening Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) restrictions on emissions. This is great for late model engines with hydraulic roller lifters, but very bad for anyone with an early model, flat tappet equipped engine.

“The problem area for flat tappet engines is that modern motor oils no longer contain adequate levels of manganese, phosphorous and zinc,” states Steve Slavik, Lunati technician. “These minerals are necessary for proper lifter rotation and without them you greatly increase the chance of a lifter seizing up and sliding along the camshaft. This scenario will cause non-repairable damage to the camshaft and lifter faces.”

To resolve this issue, Lunati® has formulated a flat tappet Voodoo® Break-In Lubricant that easily blends with modern, non-synthetic motor oils to restore them to flat tappet compatibility. By simply pouring in Lunati’s part #301 lubricant, the necessary levels of phosphorus, zinc and manganese are added back to the oil, ensuring proper lifter rotation. Voodoo Break-In Lubricant is available in a 12oz. easy-to-pour bottle, and should be used in all engine applications when a new camshaft and lifter set is installed.

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