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2016 Factory Five 818 S - Mid Engine, Tube Chassis, Street / Track Car For Sale
2016 Factory Five Racing 818s  with  interior

2016 Factory Five 818 S - Mid Engine, Tube Chassis, Street / Track Car

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Car make & model: Factory Five Racing 818s
Year: 2016
Exterior color: Condition:
Interior color: Engine: 2.0 Turbocharged
Transmission: 5 Speed Transaxle Mileage:
Drivetrain: Fuel Type:
Airbags: Warranty: Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Extended Warranty Quote
VIN# 00000000000000000
Vehicle History Report
Price: $29,900
Shipping: Auto Transport Quote

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2016 FACTORY FIVE 818 For Sale - 300 RWH - 1800 LBS Weight








2016 Factory Five Racing 818s - Mid Engine street legal race car with a race certified, solid works designed Full Tube Chassis, integral roll cage and suspension. Wind Tunnel tested enhanced body aerodynamics with lift and downforce numbers in range with many modern race cars -all documented. Turbocharged with dyno tuned programmable engine management - current tune is conservative and runs 20 PSI boost on 93 pump gas

The R version of this car with the same chassis has set several lap records at major US tracks in the last few years beating numerous mega dollar supercars, sanctioning body class champions and track only factory race cars and superbikes on road courses - this info is easily searchable on the web or I can suggest some reading

This car was built with pretty much the best option of everything and has had extensive build time, dyno time, sorting and street evaluation time already invested on top of the $40K parts and kit cost and about 2000 hours of labor and shop time to reach completion - anyone looking to build one of these cars could not possibly duplicate this build for the sale price.

Very few donor parts were used in this build - engine cases, rotating assembly, flywheel, trans case and shafts, spindles, lower arms, steering column - thats about it - everything else was bought new from suspension, to drivetrain, to wiring. I have only partially listed the parts purchased new - the list is extensive

We have video documented runs demonstrating 0-70 in 4, 0-90 in 8 with very easy launches and no powershifting and have logged 1.5G + lateral corner loading. There are videos of these cars running with superbikes thru 4 gears and more. And hilariously this car still has plenty of room to be turned up from here if so desired - 1 simple upgrade of the turbo case size and injector rate can produce substantial gains with very minor tuning mods - and the turbo upgrade will still fit this exhaust system on both the up pipe and downpipe so no further expensive mods would be required - Realistically though most people would never even consider making this car any faster than it is currently configured

With that being said, under normal throttle the car is very easy and tame to drive and gets excellent fuel economy. Under hard boost it feels like a 1000 HP muscle car. I have driven several owners of ZR1s, Aventadors, Ariels, and numerous heavily built muscle cars (I own several myself) and they 'woo hoo' when this car hits it - some were shooting video until they decided to pocket their phones before they lost them

Numerous name brand performance parts were used - entirely too many to list - have pics of build, the internals of the car under the body clearly showing new parts, the car has a clean MO title, is licensed, insured and is a routinely driven and dependable, is extremely fast and as mentioned gets very good mileage when not driven hard - it also draws a crowd wherever it goes and every once in a while a person that actually knows what it is turns up and those are the ones that need absolutely no education at all as to what it is capable of

This is one of the most impressive and entertaining performance cars I have owned out of many, and I really hate to sell it - if I had the room to keep it at home it would be a permanent collection keeper, but paying warehouse storage for specialty cars is no longer in my plans - if you are a good driver and capable of handling this type of machine you are welcome to it - also drivers compartment is a better fit for 6 foot tall or less drivers as it is currently configured

Considering the scope of the build and the large quantity of brand new parts the asking price is cheap compared to just the hourly labor put in on this build - No matter what this sale is a give away - you could duplicate or build this 818 for what I am asking even if someone gave you a clean WRX to start with for free! - There is over $18K in just parts not counting the kit price and shipping - most build forum members agree $35K is not out of line for an average decent build

While this car is very well sorted and is performing very well, it still has a couple of quirks that are typical of this type of car - it is very quiet on smooth roads, but has panel noise on rough pavement - they all do. It has the typical Factory Five panel finish and edge detail - they all do. All in all it is pretty darn nice, and if you ordered several kits and cherry picked the best parts you probably couldn't do any better, but I just want to be clear that it has the same production issues they all do - and they are indeed minor - the camera is not magic - it looks like it does in the pictures



I have included 40+ pictures of the 818 from every angle, in different lighting, pictures of the interior, engine compartment and underneath the bodywork, some build pics and I do have videos for serious buyers

In short I would assume a buyer of this car knows what it is, has researched the build cost and effort, or maybe even knows someone who has one so I have not spoon fed all of the information on the car. Based on this a viewer of this page should reasonably concluded that this one is pretty darn nice and priced under build cost

Have a look - Everything looks like it was just put together - all new and fresh - it truly is an amazing vehicle - Please reply with a phone number for a response on specific details that would require a lengthy typed explanation - I can go over everything in detail on the phone - thanks



· 2016 Factory Five Racing 818s
· Full Tube Chassis - Mid Engine
· Heim Joint Suspension
· Solid Works Designed Chassis and Suspension
· Turbocharged 20 Lb Boost
· Cobb Accessport V3 ECU Controler
· All New Parts Used In Build
· Custom Made Stainless Exhaust
· Koni Coil Overs
· Stainless Braided Lines
· iWire Wirning Harness - New Custom for this car
· MOMO Steering Wheel
· Dyno Tuned
· 4 Wheel Alignment on Race Car Rack
· Many Spare Parts including Complete Front Clip
· 2700 miles on build
· Street Legal - Clear Title
· Engine & Transaxle Overhauled

· All New Suspension Components - Front and Rear
· 5 Speed Manual Transaxle
· Racing Seats
· 4 Point Harness with 5 Point Provision
· Drilled and Slotted Rotors
· Stainless Up Pipe
· Hi Flow Cat
· Carbon Fiber Spoiler - not installed
· LED Tail, Turn & Backup Lights
· All Parts Powder Coated
· Cobb 3 Port Boost Controler
· New Steering Rack
· New Axles
· New Radiator
· New Battery
· Adjustable Proportioning Valve
· Windshield Wiper Kit
· Extra Spyder Headlights

Exhaust pictured below is the current system on the car - the exhaust shown in the build pics has been upgraded with this system

The pictures above indicate what a huge labor effort went into creating this listing, and also building this monster of a car. Knowing what I know about this Factory 5 818 it is safe to say that I will just keep it if my price is not met. There is no way it could be replaced or duplicated for the sale price therefore any offers below asking price will have to be negotiated - I do have a transport company that will keep the 818 clean on its way to the new owner - I would not recommend an exposed car hauler for something this nice, but that is up to the buyer

For the most part this 818 is 100% top notch and ready to go. There are a couple things that we have accepted as it is a high perfoormance assembled for a kit vehicle, but maybe the new owners may want to address. This is true with every kit built race car out there, but many sellers seem to fail to mention this fact and just focus on all the great things - I can go over everything in detail on the phone - in short we are absolutely fine with the way the 818 currently is, but I would be glad to answer any questions

You can thank ebay management for the following increasingly more strict terms of these auctions

All items are as described and as is - No excuses or stories and we expect the same from our buyers. We want you to be happy with your purchase, so please ask any questions that you need answered - look at the pictures, carefully read the description and ask any questions in advance of bidding because it is your responsibility to insure you are going to be happy with this purchase, not ours.

This is cash only sale with an immediate downpayment due via Paypal at the end of the auction. If you are not capable of doing a cash deal you will need to contact the seller PRIOR TO BIDDING to arrange other terms. The hold period on any other form of payment will be lengthy - possibly 30-40 days, so the best solution for both the buyer and the seller is a cash transaction - this bike will not be released to a person showing up on the pickup day with a cashiers check under any circumstances so forget about even trying it

This is a high performance kit assembled race oriented specialty vehicle so this Factory Five 818 is offered "AS- IS, WHERE-IS", with no warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, as to its condition, fitness for use or fitness for a particular purpose. Information in the description section does not insure or guarantee overall condition of the vehicle and is not intended to be comprehensive. All information provided is our understanding of the condition and history of the vehicle from what we have been able to determine through research and discovery. In no way can any positive proof or guarantee of this information be established, provided or proven by the seller or even a buyer for that matter - Based on this caveat, a purchaser or disappointed bidder shall have no recourse against the seller as this is a high performance kit assembled race oriented specialty vehicle being sold as is - The purchaser is completely responsible for their ability to drive this machine - The seller reserves the right to cancel any auction. The seller will not be held liable for any such cancellation and/or closure.

Your bid is a binding agreement to buy not to come and look - According to EBAY POLICY your bid is a legal binding contract to purchase by law. Ebay continues to change their terminology on this policy, but the most recent version can be viewed here - Non paying bidders can be considered in breach of contract and handled as a delinquent account by law and submitted to our collection agency for collections which may include a restocking fee, storage or holding costs, late fees and all ebay charges

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