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1998 SVT Mustang Cobra Conv. Gen 2 Coyote Swap Magnum XL 6 Speed All New Parts! For Sale
1998 Ford Mustang  with  interior

1998 SVT Mustang Cobra Conv. Gen 2 Coyote Swap Magnum XL 6 Speed All New Parts!

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Car make & model: Ford Mustang
Year: 1998
Exterior color: Condition:
Interior color: Engine: 5.0 TIVT All Alum DOHC V8
Transmission: Manual Mileage:
Drivetrain: Fuel Type:
Airbags: Warranty:
Extended Warranty Quote
VIN# 1FAFP46V5WF144994
Vehicle History Report
Price: $39,900
Shipping: Auto Transport Quote

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  • "This is the standard of which other coyote swaps are based on", I am often told with my Coyote swaps in various vehicles I have done them in. I have done many, and each one gets better and better. I try my best to make them as seem-less and OEM looking as possible. All my brackets and configurations I make sure are easy to maintain each component with out worrying about low budget components failing. All new parts used for the conversion, Over $35K worth of new parts in fact, not including my labor or my workers labor. My worker that helped build this car worked for Ford as a Master Tech for 30 years before coming to work for me. This would be a $75K build if my shop was to build this for someone this way. There are no junk yard or salvaged/used parts used on this car! Why? I have been in business way too long and dealt with too many parts that are junk or not worth the risk of using and wasting time with, so I prefer to use only original new parts to not only save time, but for longevity. Yes there are many people using F150 5.0 Coyote engines, switching out cams, cutting up harnesses, messing with different oil systems, not having functional TIVT, etc etc. This car was done with a brand new Gen 2, 2017 Coyote, all aluminum crate engine with a 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty which started March of 2018. It is mated to a new Tremec Magnum XL 6 speed manual transmission with a Quicktime blow-proof SFI certified steel bellhousing that surrounds the SPEC Twin SS billet pressure plate, flywheel, and twin disc clutch. Shifting is handled by a billet MGW short throw shifter. Starter is a Powermaster brush-less unit which is not affected by heat of long tube headers like any other units which burn up from header heat. Engine and drivetrain will hold over 900hp if you choose to add a power adder in the future. A Glenn's Performance custom 200+ MPH certified TIG welded driveshaft with 1350 U-joints on both ends connects the Tremec trans to the built 8.8" rear end which has 9" bearing ends welded on that eliminates the weak c-clips. Housing tubes are welded to center section to keep from twisting. Gears are lightened and shot-peened 4.10 Ford Racing units with a Detroit True Trac posi-traction unit with all Timken roller bearings and Superior 31 spline hardened axles and ARP wheel studs. There is an aluminum cover that holds 1 quart of extra fluid and is ribbed to keep the fluid cooler and also has reinforcement bolts to support rear diff bearing caps. Car is running 2200 RPM at 70 MPH. Car consistently gets 23-27 MPG on the freeway. It has plenty of power where you don't need to downshift to pass anyone. Headers are BBK 1/3/4" ceramic coated with a 3" collector, the bolt up to a custom made 3" X pipe with high flow cats to keep this emissions legal and also to avoid burning your eyes with too rich a mixture. After the 3" cats, the exhaust exits into a pair of SpinTech 3" mufflers. It is loud, but a very nice loud and it does not resonate in the car!! 3" mandrel bent tailpipes have been added since I took some of the exterior pictures. Whole exhaust system was removed after being built and hi temperature coated inside and out to keep the heat in the system and to keep it from rusting. You can easily talk on the phone in the car or to the person next to you with out raising your voice. Engine, transmission, driveshaft, rear end differential, and suspension in this car were all carefully planned out to handle 900HP safely with no adverse drive-ability issues!! I built this to put a supercharger on in the future, but it is more than fast enough as it is!! Every nut, bolt, mount, etc is new on this car! Suspension consists of a full Maximum Motorsports front K Member, adjustable ride height coil overs, control arms, struts, and rear set up consists of boxed control arms with polyurethane bushings to eliminate wheel hop. Wheels are chrome Saleen 18X9 front with Nitto NT555 255/35ZR18 XL 94W tires, 18X10 rear with 285/35ZR18 XL 101W. Tires are brand new with less than 500 miles and are speed balanced to 200 MPH. I also have the stock 17" SVT wheels and tires that I can put back on the car if you prefer the stock wheels. You can make this car as low or as high as you want it with the adjustable coil overs. Rear shocks are also adjustable for rebound for launching. None of the suspension, exhaust, or anything for that matter rubs or vibrates against anything else. Again, everything completely sorted so you don't have to do a thing. Hop in and drive this anywhere!.Alternator, power steering pump, steering rack, air conditioning compressor, etc also all new from Ford. Everything mechanical on this car is new and the best of the best. All wiring soldered and shrink wrapped, everything well thought out and planned properly. Seriously, you could not build this car yourself for what I am selling it for. It is the best of the best from top to bottom. It has been OCD maintained and detailed with an open walletits whole life by a mature retired collector in his 60's that has owned this car since near new and has been the only driver until I purchased it from him. Car drives straight down the road with ease, is comfortable, smooth, has no rattles, leaks, squeaks, wind noise etc. I have personally had this car up to 170 MPH at a private event and it still had more left in it. At that speed suspension felt tight and car did not feel twitchy at all. I'm sure with enough road the car would go 190+. I am very picky of what I choose to deal with and my 100% positive feedback from those that have purchased from me over the past 11 years here on eBay reflects. Pride of ownership is evident everywhere on this beauty and I have known the fanatical owner and the car for 15 years before purchasing the car from him and doing the Coyote swap. Every body panel and paint on this car is original. The original Laser Red paint is immaculate and each and every body panel has its original VIN sticker used on these cars. Rockers and bottom of the car have been waxed and detailed since new. Clear bra has covered most of the front end and rockers since new, so no road rash you'd see on most. You will not find a cleaner one. This will be the collectible one to own in years to come. Buy It Now for $39,900 and I will pay for the cost of shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states, or up to $700 towards the cost of a plane ticket for you to fly out and drive this beauty home and enjoy a little vacation in sunny, warm Palm Springs, CA that averages 95 degrees during the month of September. Whom ever hits Buy it Now, get this beautiful, needs nothing,1998 Mustang Cobra with an incredible 5.0 Gen 2 Coyote engine and totally amazing drive-train and FREE shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states or $700 towards the cost of a plane ticket from anywhere. Don't miss out and regret it later, you will never find another one this incredible! These are the collectibles of tomorrow.........a timeless body style with the heartbeat of a new Mustang....0-60 in 3.5 seconds, quarter mile in the mid 11's, 3000 lbs, cold A/C, power steering, 4 wheel power disc brakes with ABS, power top, all amenities, comfort, and 25+ MPG!!! This is having your cake, eating it, and getting to brag about it. This car is the ULTIMATE sleeper. No one expects it to be as incredibly fast as it is. No corners cut either....this one has it all....power everything and ice cold a/c!! Everything is well sorted also. 2500 miles have been put on it since the conversion so all the bugs are worked out of it, so you don't have to do a thing. Engine was properly broken in for 500 miles with no over 5000 RPM driving, varied speeds then its first oil change. 2nd oil change at 2000 miles, then converted to full synthetic at 2500 miles. Car is ready to drive, show, race, cross country trip, or what ever you choose to do with it. You simply can not buy any car for under $100K that does what this car does and does it with super reliability and easy, inexpensive maintenance!!

  • Thank you for viewing my auction. After being disappointed by all the ratty collectible vehicles out there and looking at this one, please feel free to message me. This is a 21 day auction and it will sell and you will not find another like it for such a great price with so many great upgrades,new Ford parts, such low mileage, and OCD maintenance. Most of my vehicles end up selling before listing ends due to time on the Buy It Now where you get it immediately!! No document fees or taxes collected by me. Don't miss out, this Coyote swapped SVT Cobra will sell, hopefully to you.This Cobra is an absolute cream puff and drives absolutely exceptional, and is excellent through out. It is rare to find one so clean with all original body panels that looks all stock. Most of this SN95 Cobra body style have been ruined. Only hand washed and waxed since new and it shows!! Paint looks wet when it is dry. Look at the refection's in the paintin my pictures below. I took some in the bright sun and some when the sun went down so that you can appreciate the beauty of this incredible car. It looks, starts, runs, smells, and drives like new. Suspension and steering is tight with no wandering or looseness, no clunks when going over bumps, brakes like new, immaculate interior and underside. Never eaten in, smoked in, spilled in, or interior soiled, and even still smells like new. Towels have covered the original interior when driven. No worn down seat leather or foam here. Not even any wrinkles on the seats. 6 point roll bar strengthens the frame as does the Kenny Brown subframe connectors. I will also include the swing out door bars for the roll bar and the racing harnesses if you want them. New Ford plastic cowl panel cover installed and new OEM 2003 Cobra shift knob and pedal covers installed. Carpet and floor mats are also new and done in black for a nice contrast to the saddle tan. Mach 460 8 speaker, 460 watt sound system sounds excellent with no farting speakers. CD player works like new. Power top and all functions work like new. Since the pictures were taken, I have removed the monster tach/shift light, as well as the extra gauges on the drivers side pillar pod. A stock interior pillar trim was installed and the fuel pressure gauge was moved to where the monster tach was. I did this for the cleaner look as the Monster tach/shift light and boost gauge were not needed. No pets or young children have ever been in it. No rips or stains anywhere. There is not a nicer, Cobra convertible available. I can honestly say that, because there are none other like this car anywhere for sale. Look around, you'll waste a great deal of time and then see what I am talking about. If you want a project, please buy one, as this is not it. Please take the time to allow the 150+ detailed photos to load, it IS WELL WORTH the wait, and PLEASE read the entire description before asking questions (I know it is long, but I wanted to cover all bases) If you are serious, I know you will read every word, and look at every picture in detail. This is the type of person I am looking for, for a quick and easy sale. I am very easy to deal with. Feel free to message me for my phone number or send me yours and we can discuss every aspect of this amazing Cobra. This car is priced for a quick sale to the discriminating enthusiast/collector that appreciates all the details, cleanliness, and correctness of a MINT Cobra. Everything correct on this car for both finish and function, so you don't have to do a thing. Ready to show, play, collect, or to just enjoy immediately. Perfect advertising vehicle for your business too and can even be a tax write-off if used as such. Can be used in parades, proms, etc

  • Shipping included to your door by a licensed, bonded and insured auto transport company that I have used for many years with no issues or you are welcome to fly into the Palm Springs International Airport and I will pick you up and you can drive this gem home and enjoy a little vacation!! I would not hesitate to have my daughter or wife drive this cross country!! If you choose this route I will pay up to $700 towards your travel expenses to get to me to pick up the car in person in beautiful Palm Springs, CA where it averages 95 degrees in September and with the a/c on in these temperatures, the A/C in this car will freeze you!! Either of these options are only available if Buy It Now is used.

  • Price is a Buy it Now of $39,900 to sell immediately and included to your door shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states. There is not a nicer, faster, more sophisticated car available for under $100K!! No taxes, document fees, or games like other charge, collect, and play. This car will sell, don't miss out, you will never find another like it in this condition with such amazing upgrades. No expenses spared on this car from top to bottom, and front to back. Everything functions like it is supposed to. I am also a full service high end custom shop and can add or subtract anything your heart and wallet desire to this car. Just message me with your phone # and we can discuss.

  • In my 24+ years in the automotive business, I have rarely seen, owned, or driven a nicer built and well vehicle that is so fantastically preserved and taken care of. I have owned over 1000 Mustangs, Shelby's, Big Block's, Boss's, Pantera's, Saleen's, Corvette's, Roush's, Cobra's. Lightning's etc, mostly collector models, and rarely see a vehicle (of ANY type) kept in this condition.Suspension and steering is smooth and not bouncy or twitchy when driving down the road, or on the freeway and handles like it is on rails. Does not wander when on freeway. This SVT Cobra with 5.0 Coyote swap is appraised and insured for $50K on a collector car policy and it is $488 per year for full coverage and agreed value of $50K. Most insurance companies will do the same for you and insure it as a collector vehicle and it is only going to continue to climb in value if kept in this condition. Be sure to also Check out a 2008 Shelby GT Barrett Jackson Edition with 2K miles, a 1968 Pro Touring Restomod LS3 swapped Camaro RS Convertible, my 835 HP Twin Turbo Shelby GT 350R that I bought new, and my supercharged Ford Ranger that I also purchased new....all of which I also have listed right now on eBay to sell.

  • Any questions, please message me and I will respondpromptly. This is a like to sell, not a must sell, or a desperation sale!! I have 20+ high end vehicles in my collection, so it is not the end of the world if this does not sell as I love driving it, and will continue to do so on nice days until it goes to another good home. Most are $100K+ in my collection. I built this car to keep, however, I ended up getting an opportunity to purchase another Ford GT, so I am selling a few of my toys. If I can make some extra space in my warehouses, great, if not, I will keep it as I do love thecar as it is a true time capsule with the reliability and drive-ability of a brand new car and 25+MPG. I did a Buy It Now, so you don't have to bid an and wait, and hope to get it. I get people all the time that email me after they missed something I have listed to let me know if the deal falls through...they will buy....Outright price forthis beautiful Coyote swap 1998 Cobra Vert is $39,900 if Buy It Now is used. Don't wait for someone else to use Buy It Now and miss it!! No taxes collected by me or any document fees like others charge. Don't miss this one, you will never find another like it. These are huge differences between a base 1998 Mustang GT and a 1998 Mustang Cobra, do your research using Google as there is some great information and reviews. Again, I am VERY picky in what I choose to deal with. This car was built by my shop for me to keep so I know every part on the car unlike re-sellers that have no idea what cars they are selling have on them. If you have a specific question, please ask. No expenses were spared. I have over $35K just in parts in this car, not to mention my own time, my workers labor, or the cost of buying the immaculate starting point Cobra from my customer. This car has the best of the best and it was well thought out from top to bottom. I built this car to keep and did everything right to be a daily driver if needed and built to last. It runs, drives, sounds, and performs like a $200K+ Supercar!! Deposit of $500 must be made immediately thru Paypal upon the use of BUY IT NOW and remaining balance due with in 3 days of winning auction. Any questions and/or inspections if wanted must be made BEFORE using BUY IT NOW. Please do not use Buy It Now, or bid unless you already have the money. If you need a loan ( JJ Best is great on loans for cars such as this) , have it set up and approved first. You are welcome and encouraged to come and inspect thecar or send someone to look at it before buying. I am not a dealer, so no sales tax will be collected by me.Car is sold as is with no warranty by me expressed or implied and no provisions will be made for anything deemed not accurate. I do my best to describe everything to the best of my ability and knowledge. Car will be shipped from Palm Springs, CA 92262 at my expense, or you are welcome to fly into Palm Springs International Airport and I will pick you up, and you can drive this beautyhome and I will pay for up to $700 towards a plane ticket from anywhere... both of these options are ONLY applicable if you use Buy It Now and after car is paid for in full. Must be paid for in full with in 3 days, unless arrangements are made with me before using Buy It Now. I have CA title and bill of sale in hand. Car is currently registered and insured. Car will not leave and title will not be sent until car is paid in full (and cleared) with either cash upon pick-up, direct deposit, loan check, or cashier's check/money order. Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer promptly. I have never had a person purchase a vehicle from me sight unseen that was not thrilled with their purchase!! My 100% positive feedback from those that have purchased from me in the past 11 years clearly reflect this. I reserve the right to end this auction early as thecar is advertised on several other sites and publications, so if you want it, use BUY IT NOW before someone else buys it!! If you can not meet these simple requirements, please do not use Buy It Now and waste your time, mine, and others that are serious. If you need more time or have questions about payment, please feel free to message me with your phone # and we can discuss. I am VERY picky with vehicles I choose to deal with. Again, I have many vehicles and none are a must sell, just trying to free up some space as I can barely walk in my warehouses they are so full. I am not interested in magazine coverage, picture collectors, or time wasters that just want to come and look at my collection.

  • In summary: EVERYTHING works!! No burnt out bulbs anywhere, the back-up lights, dash lights, gauges, all work perfectly and are accurate. A/C is ice cold, heat hot, nothing has any issues. You can let it idle all day in 120 degree heat and it does not get hot. This Coyote Swapped Cobra Vert is absolutely like brand new. It has never had any paint work and all original VIN stickers are on each and every body panel. It runs and drives excellent and has never been abused or driven hard. No paintwork. road rash, or accidents. There are no odd odors, odd rattles, or odd noises. You can drive thiscar anywhere. Mileage may also varyminimallyascar may be driven for supervised test drives and/or inspections and I do drive it sometimes, but of course will still be kept indoors when not being driven. Please feel free to ask questions and I will answer promptly. This car doesn't need a thing. It is a no excuse, honest car, that needs nothing. It is done right and completely sorted from top to bottom, front to back. The paint color combination and options are simply stunning and it turns heads where ever you go. The all aluminum For Racing 5.0 DOHC TIVT Coyote V8 engine is amazing and has power to spare and there are no leaks or seeps anywhere. Exhaust sounds amazing. People stop at gas stations and make comments on how immaculate it is. Again, this car has the power to weight ratio and drives like a $200K+ Super Car. It is a steal at under $40K shipped to your door! Nothing even compares to this car for under $100K and any Ford dealer can plug into the computer in this car for diagnostics and service and it is inexpensive to maintain unlike most Supercars. Be the envy of your friends and neighbors!No excuses, issues, or stories with this car. Anyone can just go buy a new Mustang 5.0 convertible, this one is lighter, handles better, is better balanced, is much faster, sounds better, looks better and is a complete sleeper and one of a kind!! Have a great day and thank you for looking and (hopefully) reading my long description..I just want to be thorough. Each time I think of something else, I revise the listing, add more pictures, and before I know it, it ends up this long!! Very few read what I end up writing, but if you have, thank you!! The first person that reads my entire listing, that has the means, is usually the buyer, so hopefully that is you. Enjoy my 150+ pictures below starting with the new engine in the crate from Ford Racing and other parts being installed in the car. Feel free to contact me with any questions and have a great day. :)

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